IOT Development

As a full-stack IoT Development Company, we help startups and enterprises build smart IoT solutions and convert analog products into digital products using IoT platforms, firmware and sensors. We build embedded systems with our experience and understanding in embedded processing, sensors, wireless and wired communication .

DevOps Automation Services

DevOps is a viral technology trend across firms, globally. If one has to see the true potential of DevOps, then Automation is the key.

Process automation across the software process chain ensures effective resource utilization and timely deliveries. 60 percent fewer IT failures due to DevOps as more stable operating environments are provided.

As a balancing act, automation services also help firms enhance their developers’ productivity by minimizing manual burden, reducing chances of failure in facilitating automated testing procedures and managing other tasks across the cross-project requirements.

This eventually leads to Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) with scalability and compliance with standards in place.

DevOps Automation Services provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Elimination of recurring action items enabling staff to focus on value addition

  • Increased deployment rate for new software releases

  • Reduction of ongoing operational cost

  • Establishment of standard ‘error-free’ work environments

  • Reduction of reliance on a single source or teams

Industrial AI

The role of AI tools and techniques in smart manufacturing is a hot topic. The AI revolution is beyond its infancy and many companies have significant activity underway. Today more devices both big and small – deployed on the factory floor are equipped with sensors that gather/share large volumes of data and capture a multitude of actions. Manufacturers have started recognizing the strategic importance of big data analytics and therefore data is becoming a key enabler for enhancing manufacturing competitiveness. These enormous volumes of data analyzed in real time by leveraging the analytic capabilities of AI can improve decision making and provide enhanced insight to business users - whether that’s reducing asset downtime, improving manufacturing efficiency, automating production, predicting demand, optimizing inventory levels or enhancing risk management. PHM is one of the principal applications for the technology, followed closely by demand forecasting, quality control, and robotics. In the last few years, hundreds of venture-backed start-ups have popped up everywhere that are trying to offer AI-coated magic bullets promising to instantly augment enterprise-level insight or help companies to understand a particular machine, process or problem. The winner in this competition would be the one that is going to offer a scalable solution required by an enterprise.